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Report: Kanye West drops $500,000 lawsuit against intern accused of leaking company secrets

Leon Bennett/WireImage

Kanye West is walking back on a major lawsuit against a former Yeezy intern whom he accused of leaking company secrets.

RadarOnline reports that the “Stronger” rapper had filed a $500,000 suit against the former intern for breaking a non-disclosure agreement by allegedly sharing top secret photos to his social media accounts — but didn’t state their nature.

Court documents filed Tuesday have motioned to dismiss all claims against Ryan Inwards, the former intern, stating that the matter has been resolved.

The legal docs also maintain that Kanye will not refile suit in the future against Inwards.

The Grammy winner previously named his ex-intern when filing suit in February, stating that the company told Inwards to remove the confidential photos from his accounts — of which he refused despite several warnings.

The NDA Inwards signed before signing on as a Yeezy intern states that a breach of contract will result in a fine of up to $500,000.

The details of the resolution remain unknown.



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