Mark McCrazy

Remember DJ QUIK? He is madddddd !!!!

DJ Quik Burns Death Row Records Royalty Check DJ Quik took to social media to air out Death Row Records and the entire music industry. He received a check from Death Row Records and said he felt disrespected by the amount of money on the check. He holds the check up to the camera but it is hard to see the amount. Then he starts calling out people in the industry that owe him credits and money for songs. He calls out Nelly and Pharrell for Hot in Herre, Kendrick Lamar, R.Kelly for Home Alone, 50 Cent In Da Club, All Eyez on Me-Tupac and the list goes on. He burns the check on camera and says, I am to be respected as a King and a Lord. Do you think Quik is going to get the respect he seeks or will this fall on deaf ears?