Mike Burke

Raven Says NO to Her Raven Baxter TV Character Being Gay

“I think Disney wanted her to be queer in the beginning,” Raven told the publication, admitting that when she was asked about potentially making Raven queer, the idea alone had left her feeling “uncomfortable.” She recounted the conversation, adding, “They were like, ‘Do you want Raven to be gay?’ I said, ‘Why?’ Because you are. I said bad, bad reason. That’s a bad reason. No, Raven Baxter never exhibited any type of sexual identity situation in the priors.”

When Raven Symone agreed to reprise her iconic role as Raven Baxter for the Disney Channel spin-off “Raven’s Home” in 2017, the actress says she was approached to play the character as a gay woman — an offer which she now reveals she respectfully declined