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Rapper “Busta Rhymes” Throws Drink At “Butt-Grabbing Fan”!

Nikita Mathis, the fan who slapped Busta Rhymes’ butt on Monday, apologized for putting her hands on the rapper — who reacted by throwing a drink in her face.

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic been a long-time fan,” Mathis said in a statement to the Shade Room. “I admit I shouldn’t have touch [sic] him at all but he’s BUSTA. I felt like I could possibly get a pic …”

In the 11-second clip, Mathis is seen walking behind the Brooklyn rapper’s entourage and suddenly lunges toward him, copping a feel of his backside while striking a smile.

The 50-year-old angrily reacts to the butt slap, throwing a drink at Mathis and splashing others around him.