Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Cry 🥺

When was the last time you cried? Or when was the last time you cried for happier reasons? We made this video in hopes to move you with random acts of kindness done by good people. What makes the world so truly vibrant and beautiful is color. So we can understand the reaction of this color blind person, when he first wears glasses that lets him see color. Imagine the beauty he can finally enjoy of the world. Such gadgets created by us humans have helped people in the world. It helps us believe that we are all here together to help each other out. And that not everyone is evil looking to take advantage of you. One of the things that will guarantee to give you joy are our children. Watch this father react to his newly born baby learning to walk. He breaks down as he watches his kid learn to walk on their own. You can’t help but feel moved. We can’t forget that as adults, we look for bigger things to be happy about. But such simple and small steps can make us so joyful. Just as this baby is learning to live, being alive itself can be so difficult sometimes. It reminds us to look around. That there are always things to be appreciative of. Did any of these collections of wholesome clips spoke to you? We hope that it has helped massage the cold and jaded heart. Let your bad experiences go and remind ourselves of the better people in the world.