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Ralph Tresvant wants everyone to feel the love with his new single "All Mine," featuring Johnny Gill

Courtesy of The Sono Recording Group

Singer Ralph Tresvant recently released a new single, “All Mine,” featuring Johnny Gill. 

After the two New Edition alumni paired up on “Perfect” from Johnny’s 2019 album Game Changer II, the old friends wanted to keep that same magic going but switched it up and let Ralph take the lead. 

He tells ABC Audio “All Mine” is the perfect statement record to prove that love never gets old.

“Right now we don’t have a lot of love going on out here, and love records don’t seem to be working like they used to work,” Ralph tells ABC Audio. “When I listen to radio, [when] I listen to songs these days, nobody’s really addressing that.

“I think one of the main statements first of all, [is that] grown-folks music and love music, when done properly, you know, always has a place in the music industry,” he continues. “Everybody wants to really feel that love. They want to feel that energy.”

He adds, “Hopefully, this song helps rekindle that so that other artists will start writing about it and not just write about it, but winning with it as well.”

Ralph credits iconic producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for merging the two together after Johnny joined New Edition in 1987.

“[They] showed us, as well as the fans and the public, that our voices work together when you use it in the right way, so we’re just continuing that legacy to continue what they told us and what they showed about how our combinations of talents and our voices work.”

All Mine” is available everywhere. 

By Rachel George
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