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‘Raising Kanan’: 50 Cent says strong women are a “mandate” for his Starz series

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50 Cent is thankful for the strong women he’s had in the life. In his latest Starz series, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, the rapper-turned-TV producer says some of those strong women who were pivotal in his upbringing, are also reflected in his hit crime drama.

“Definitely the relationship with Raq[uel],” 50 tells ABC Audio of Patina Miller‘s character, who plays Kanan’s mother on the show.

“Like my mom was like that early on,” he explains. “The first scene — that was really something I experienced. It becomes more extreme — the actual activities between her and Mekai [Curtis].”

The scene in which 50 refers to is when Miller’s Raquel tells her son, played by Curtis, to go back to the park and defend himself after getting beat up by some of the local kids. 50 says he could easily relate to that scene because as a kid, he also had a healthy fear of his mother.

“Your mom, in the early stages, especially when she’s a single parent, she’s everything at that point. She’s my mother and my father,” he says. “So, when you look at the person [that’s] like that, whatever you’re up against in the park is not as scary as she is.”

Now, having multiple successful series on Starz, 50 is well aware of what sells: strong women.

“It’s a part of the mandate at Starz — they’ll say premium women,” he says. “If it doesn’t have those things, it’s pretty tough to sell the idea. They don’t tell you how much, or who to place in that position. But it’s absolutely a must in the actual storytelling process that you build that way.”

Power Book III: Raising Kanan airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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