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Rachel Lindsay explains why watching MTV's 'Ghosted' can be cathartic: "You want to know you're not alone"

Photo credit: Nathan Johnson

Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay is teaming up with her Ghosted: Love Gone Missing co-host, Travis Mills, for brand new episodes of their investigative MTV series.

Lindsay tells ABC Audio that bingeing the series ahead of Valentine’s Day can actually be cathartic for those who watch. 

“Maybe it’s more of like, ‘Hey, not everybody’s in a relationship leading up to Valentine’s Day,'” she explains of the series launching new episodes ahead of the annual love celebration. “You want to know that you’re not alone.”

Lindsay, who herself found love on ABC’s The Bachelorette as the star of its thirteenth season, says being “ghosted” has become so commonplace — it’s practically the new norm.

“I feel like Ghosted is very relatable because unfortunately, it seems like this is the way that people end relationships,” she says. “Whether it’s a friendship or family or a lover.”

While its safe to say no one wants to be ghosted, Lindsay says watching people learn why they’ve been cut off is a big part of the series’ appeal.

“What I love so much about the show is: One, like I said, it is relatable. Two: Travis and I have been through this before. And three: Every story is different,” she explains.

“The reason why people ghost will completely shock you,” Lindsay teases. “And Travis and I encounter situations that we’ve never been a part of before.”

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, which is airing all-new episodes as part of “Love Gone Wrong” week, continues through February 12 on MTV.

By Candice Williams
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