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Queen Naija's music video for "Love Language" will arrive this week

Courtesy of YouTube

This week, platinum-selling singer Queen Naija will premiere her new music video for the new single “Love Language.”

The video will be shared after Queen’s appearance on YouTube’s new weekly series RELEASEDwhich follows today’s biggest artists and other music highlights from the week, leading up to an exclusive video premiere.

Fans will be able to go behind the scenes with Queen, who will reveal a special secret just for her fans. 

“I answer a question that a lot of my fans have,” she says in the trailer

As an alumni of YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise program, Queen Naija is a true YouTube success story.

We were first introduced to Queen in 2016 on YouTube through her candid vlogs, pranks, challenges and song covers. A year later, she launched her own channel, sharing intimate moments of her personal life, along with original music. In the process, she built up a fan base of over 4.7 million subscribers and followers, who are known as the #RoyaltySquad.

Queen Naija has since made a name for herself with her unique singing voice and breakout singles such as “Medicine,” “Karma,” and “Butterflies” from her self titled EP in 2018.

On October 30, the powerhouse singer will release her debut album, Misunderstood.

Tune in to Queen Naija’s episode of RELEASED premiering on Thursday at 11:45 p.m. ET on YouTube, followed by the video premiere of “Love Language.”

By Rachel George
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