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Queen Naija says "get your act together" or get lost on her new single, "Pack Lite"

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Social media is overwhelmed with excitement over platinum-recording artist Queen Naija and her new single.

Pack Lite,” released today, interpolates soul queen Erykah Badu and her Grammy-nominated single, “Bag Lady.”  Yet it still reflects Najia’s no-nonsense demeanor, as she gives her man one final ultimatum: “If you don’t get your act together, you might have to ‘Pack light.'”

On Twitter, one fan said, “[I] never thought Queen Naija could make me fall in love with R&B all over again with every new song. ‘Pack Lite’ will be blasted all of Leo season. Period.” 

Another listened to the song about 20 times before realizing, “This woman right here really a PROBLEM,” with emphasis on the “double exclamation mark.”

The fan continued, “She been doing numbers and hasn’t even dropped her first album yet. Let me chill because I can go on all day, but [its] wrap when this album drop. Queen, we ready.”

This is Najia’s third single release this year, following “More Love,” “Butterflies Pt. 2,” which serves as the sequel to her platinum single, “Butterflies” from her self-titled debut EP. It debuted at No. 2 on Billboard‘s Top R&B Albums chart in 2018.

Rapper Wale recently joined Queen on “Butterflies Pt. 2 Remix.”

By Rachel George
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