Protesters rallying for a free Cuba shut down part of I-95 in West Palm Beach

A local Cuban-American rally, which began around 5 p.m., halted traffic before the highway reopened around 9:15 p.m.. They were voicing their support for the Cuban people amid antigovernment protests on the island nation.

Another rally was held earlier Tuesday evening at José Martí Park in downtown West Palm Beach.

The heavy rain and thunder didn’t block the emotional voiced from being heard.

“Think about the statement, ‘SOS Cuba.’ ‘SOS,’ what does that stand for? SOS was always about, we need help. They’re calling the world to come and help. The time to help is now,” said event organizer Rick Gonzalez.

On Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis criticized the Cuban government for shutting down internet on the island, preventing residents from getting the word out on what’s happening.

Some people have found private networks to communicate, and what the Garcia Family learned Tuesday has left them devastated.

“Every little town they’re out there battling against the police without guns,” said Cuban native and West Palm Beach resident Minerva Garcia. “They’re being killed, young children are being killed, what can I tell you. it’s a disaster.”

“I waited my whole life to see this, and I know many Cubans who are no longer with us who see this as a dream come true,” said Cuban American and West Palm Beach resident Lisette Sanchez