Protesters Interrupt “Gov. DeSantis” As He Makes Call For Blood Plasma Donations!

Protesters interrupted a news conference by Gov. DeSantis in Orlando as he made a call for blood donations.

The protesters shouted, “you’re lying,” and “you’re misleading the public,” during the governor’s stop at oneblood.

DeSantis paused to let the protesters say their peace until security stepped in and moved them outside.

“We will not be defunding the police so don’t worry about that,” said DeSantis afterward.

The governor appeared in Orlando to make a plea for blood plasma donations from people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, which according to the latest data, amounts to more than 360,000 people. DeSantis said the use of convalescent plasma, because of the antibodies, has shown promising results on hospital patients who are sick with the virus.