“Protesters” Gather In “Lake Worth Beach”!


About 40 people lined the sidewalk in front of Lake Worth Beach City Hall on Thursday night with calls of “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.”

“Nothing has changed yet, nothing,” Bishop Melvin Pinkney of the New Life Zion Temple, who helped organize the demonstration, said. “We have not seen any change.”

The recent police shooting in Wisconsin and the shooting of protesters there seemed to anger many who were carrying signs and waving to passing cars on Dixie Highway.

“We all have to show up, you know, especially as a white woman, I have to support, you know,” Vanessa Parson said. “I have to be out here on front lines and say what needs to be said.”

The demonstration, which remained peaceful, stayed on one block and lasted just over an hour.

“This is ample reason to be out here right now,” Eric Oce said.

Pinkney said he plans to hold more protests like this every month.

“The wagon is loaded down,” Pinkney said. “The wagon is heavy.”