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Problem says 'Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1' provides the perfect balance to start your day

Laetitia Rumford

Compton rapper Problem dropped his first body of work in almost two years with his May release Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1which serves as a direct reflection of his balanced everyday morning routine.

Coffee & Kush is more of a play on words with just life, for me. I was once the Coffee where I’m moving so fast, I’m energetic and I’m moving,” he tells ABC Audio. “And then I was the Kush, where I had to slow some things down, so when you collide those things together it creates this balance.”

“And just for the sidebar, that’s what I was doing everything every morning. I have my coffee right here and I have my joints right here,” he continued. 

Problem said that balance helped him create a “different workflow” for himself being that the life of an artist often involves late nights at the studio. 

“I wouldn’t finish until four or five [o’clock] in the morning. Now I wake up at five in the morning and I start recording at eight in the morning,” he said. “So it’s very on point with you getting up, starting your day, getting to the bag, seeing, looking at what’s on Instagram, and giving your thoughts on that.”

Problem’s featureless album Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1 also serves as the soundtrack to his short film A Compton Story, which he produced, wrote, and directed. 

The film details his life with narration from comedian and actor Mike Epps and guest appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg, who was also featured on the remix to the album’s lead single, “Don’t Get Mad At Me.

By Rachel George
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