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Problem releases music video for "Don't Be Mad at Me (Remix)" featuring Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs

Matt Reyes

Problem has dropped a music video for the remix to his single, “Don’t Be Mad at Me” featuring heavyweights Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs

The playful video, directed by Mike Mirasco, follows each rapper as they attempt to school each other on just how to treat the ladies. In the opening scene, Snoop tells Gibbs not to disrespect the ladies, but Gibbs doesn’t care, jumping into his enticing verse that flips the song’s theme.

Meanwhile, Snoop opens up about his wife being able to work through his infidelity issues, rapping, “I’m tired of sayin’ sorry for the same [stuff]/ Damn near lost my queen, [messing] ’round with that lame [chick].”

Problem’s verse mirrors the same sentiments while asking his “boo” for forgiveness, rapping, “And lettin’ you stay mad is what I sure won’t do.”

Other scenes include the rappers at a blacked-out indoor basketball court, and in a parking lot with luxury cars. 

“This might be my favorite video ever!” Problem exclaims. “The energy Freddie brought was phenomenal. Thank you, King Snoop, for letting us use his space to create like a real boss! Mike Marasco is always dope. I love this video.”

“Don’t Be Mad At Me” is the lead single from Problem’s latest album, Coffee & Kush Vol.1.

By Rachel George
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