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Problem on his relationship with Daphne Wayans: "It's like some Cinderella story"

Laetitia Rumford

Earlier this year, Problem shared his short film, A Compton Story, starring his real-life leading ladyDaphne Wayans. 

The two started dating sometime in 2018 and while Problem is busy working on his many passion projects — both film and music — Daphne has been right by his side…ever since they were kids.

“I’ve known Daphne my whole life,” he tells ABC Audio. “Her parents lived three houses down from my grandparents. I told her when I was three years old I was going to marry her. So it’s kind of crazy that she went to live her life and I went and lived mine and then we ain’t seen each other in about 20-something years.”

After ending her marriage to Keenan Wayans, Daphne produced a few television shows and films. She was also featured in the music video for Problem’s relationship cut, “Don’t Be Mad At Me” from Coffee & Kush Vol. 1 and on Vol. 2’s “Easter Night.”

He recalled “randomly” coming across Daphne’s Instagram page and thinking, ‘Hey Daphne, how you doing?’

“I didn’t know her situation as far as if she was with anyone or anything,” Problem said. “When we hooked up, it just seemed like we had a lot more in common than we thought.”

But Problem admitted he was hesitant at first, since he’d had a relationship with her father before he passed and has a “really close” relationship with her mother. 

It was a weird thing at first for me because [when] you say you’re going to do something, you have to do it,” he says, referring to his pledge to marry Daphne. And to have her now, it’s like some Cinderella, Disney story type.”  

Could a marriage proposal be on the way? Stay tuned.

By Rachel George
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