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Pressure Mounts On “Palm Beach County” To Respond To “COVID-19 Spike”!


Federal officials, concerned with record-breaking COVID-19 cases and projections showing a dramatic surge this summer, are imploring Palm Beach County Commissioners to pass a mask mandate and increase public messaging to encourage social distancing.

County commissioners are supposed to take up the mask mandate next Tuesday.

It would require everyone to wear face coverings in indoor, public places unless there is a medical reason why a person cannot wear a mask.

Florida added a record 3,822 new COVID-19 cases Friday, and Palm Beach County passed the 10,000 mark.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is acknowledging that the spike in cases isn’t only due to expanded testing.

In a Friday afternoon press conference, DeSantis said the state is seeing an increase in the positivity rate among younger people.

Rep. Frankel said she thinks people need better education about how this virus spreads.