President Joe Biden Letting Drug Offenders Out

President Biden is letting a lot of drug offenders out of prison who’ve earned lengthy sentences — with his theme apparently being … the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

JB just released a new clemency list, and it includes dozens of names who’ve been locked up for years now for crimes ranging from possession of drugs to conspiracy or intent to distribute narcotics — including cocaine and meth — and he’s giving them a huge break.

A majority of these folks are due to be set free immediately … or by 2023. He’s commuting tons of sentences — some of which were as long as 20-30 years, and in some cases life — leaving most to be served out in home confinement, via supervised release or both.

All in all, there are 75 inmates he’s cutting loose from the federal prison system … and like we said, their crimes all seem to be in the drug realm … from minor to relatively major offenses.

In addition to these commutations, Biden is also pardoning three people — including a couple more drug offenders who’ve since been released from prison and gone on to become upstanding citizens.

The third pardon is a bit more noteworthy … Biden is honoring Abraham Bolden Sr., a former U.S. Secret Service agent who was imprisoned after he was charged and convicted with attempting to sell a copy from a SS file in the ’60s.

Bolden — who was the first Black man to serve on a presidential detail back then — got a raw deal, according to the DOJ. Key witnesses who were part of his initial trial apparently copped to lying at prosecutors’ request … and Bolden was also denied a new trial.

He served several years in federal custody, and although he’s out already … Biden’s scrubbing his record clean. Bolden has always maintained his innocence, insisting he was targeted because he was trying to expose racist practices within the government.