“Port St. Lucie” New Butcher Shop & Seafood Market Needs “60 To 70 Workers”!

Butcher Shop

A family that has spent their entire lives in the restaurant industry is preparing for a new venture that will bring 60 to 70 new jobs to Port Saint Lucie.

When you’re from an Italian family that was literally reared running kitchens you know a thing or two about authenticity and location.

”Pretty much our entire lives we were in the restaurant, day in and day out. We went to work with our parents and spent a tremendous amount of time with chefs,” said Pasquale Lamarra, Pastaio co-owner. “Probably about 24 or 25 restaurants overall that we’ve been involved in either on our own or with a group.”

Last November, the family opened Pastaio in Port St. Lucie’s Tradition community. Customers return for the authentic cuisine, to include hand-made pasta and sauces that are a family recipe.

”And aside from the food and the ambiance customers really feel like family when they come here,” said Joanna Lamarra, Pastaio co-owner.

Now the Lamarra’s are on their next business venture converting a former 7,500 square foot tap house into Meating Street; a butcher shop, steak house, and seafood market set to open the first week of October.


“We plan on serving close to 400 to 500 people a day in and out of the restaurant and with that we need a lot of employees,” said Carmine Lamarra, Meating Street co-owner.

At least 60 to 70 positions need to be filled. The positions range from chefs to bartenders, IT professionals, and butchers.

“The right person to work for us would be someone who first and foremost has a high level of customer service skills, takes great pride in their appearance, but also a high knowledge of food,“ said Joanna. “If you’re going to prepare food or sell food essentially you need to know what it tastes like and it enjoy it as well in order to really connect with the customers.”