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Blue Ivy, 877-29-STEVE, Pimpin’ Picked It, C-Minus Chad and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Do you know what the 90/10 percent formula is?  Steve’s hypothetical situations in Ask The CLO tho!  Ted Cruz and middle fingers are like “Kibbles ‘n Bits” or something like that.  Certain states have begun the early voting.  A member of The Steve Harvey Nation left a VM about the kid that took his parents money to school.  How many times do we need to tell you, leave the pranks to Nephew Tommy?  Pimpin’ is in Junior’s Sports Report and he “Picked it” (repeat whenever)!  A deceased woman’s last laugh would tickle a cussing Christian in the right place.  Would You Rather was a bit risque.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve gives us what we needed to hear and in the process, he made history.  Thank you Big Dog!

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Sister O’dell, Stacey Abrams Vote, Booty Talk, Golden State Rings and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Who you hustlin’ for?  The CLO deals with Felicia who might get told “Bye!”  Kanye needs a “Come on dog!” conversation STAT!  Stacey Abrams has that special energy.  Sister O’dell said, “Niecy ’bout face some consequences for makin’ it rain at school.”  The whole cast of P-Valley was @ JSU Homecoming.  Tommy has a question about what he is seeing in his dreams.  “The City” got some new jewelry!  Would You Rather covers quickies on the weekends.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has some words of wisdom just for us especially if we want red removal.

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305 Finale Ready to Love, Audible Kym, Popeye’s Turkey, Kanye Ban and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  A trip is being planned and a request has been made.  The Chief Love Officer didn’t have to be so mean today.  Jada out there doing too much again!  Georgians are doing their thing at the polls and it is looking good.  Yeezy made some anti-Semetic comments and a very powerful man has requested major companies to stop doing business with the genius.  Tommy is speaking against this $95 thing that is coming back for Thanksgiving to Popeye’s.  Part 1 of the reunion show for Ready to Love Miami is tonight.  We bring you the things that women do that men love.  Would You Rather will have you fighting and getting naked.  Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog gives us a friendly reminder of what happened was not a fluke.  PERIOD!!!

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Oprah & Stacey @ 8:30 p.m., Steve’s VM, Pimpin’ NFL Picks, Scary Movie Effects and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Pastor P is in the building and it is a controlled environment.  In Ask The CLO alcohol and manipulation is being inquisitive for no reason. Gahhhdog a debate in the Sunshine State went Mortal Kombat mode.  “Finish Him!!!”  Steve’s story from Dubai goes off the grid and straight into the blackness of impacted sand.  A woman with self-esteem lower than Megalodon doo doo left a message.  Is there a connection between scary movies and less stress or nah?  Your favorite gentleman of leisure is back with the newlywed to give his week 7 NFL picks.  How do you leave a woman you don’t have feelings for anymore and still keep all of your sugar honey iced tea?  The Halloween Edition of Would You Rather was odd.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about the power of choice and warns us about tactics being used to suppress it.

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Kanye Being Sued, Roscoe Wallace, Grandma’s Weed Cakes, Girl Scout Donation and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Did they see this coming?  A man with no fear told the mother of his children that he found his soulmate.  Kanye will be sued $250M by the mother of George Floyd’s daughter.  Voters in GA have spoken out.  Our hero Roscoe is here to talk about the artists that are boycotting The Grammys this year.  Congratulations to Inside the NBA because their contracts have been extended.  The Girl Scouts of America were given the largest single donation EVER by the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos.  Would You Rather had us choosin’ between too much.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve had to remind us about the truth behind voter suppression and why our vote matters today.

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