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South Florida Sunday

X102.3’s South Florida Sunday is a weekly one hour Public Affairs show that focuses on South Florida community issues, events, and the arts. Tune in Sundays from 6-7am, during the gospel music program. It focuses on civic, cultural and community affairs issues and events from across X102.3’s coverage area—in both an informational and humorous way.

Listen in: it’s a great mix!

Latest Episodes

South Florida Sundays with Bishop Thomas Masters

Bishop Thomas Masters discusses the recent passing of Congressman and Civil Rights advocate John Lewis. Masters makes a call for listeners to call their congressmen to encourage passage of the voting rights bill. He also wants to fix the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which has been a symbol of the civil rights movement. Masters also remembers Dr. CT Vivian and Dr. Medgar Evers, both of who have recently died and who were essential in the movement.

In the next segment, Bishop Masters discusses the importance of supporting Black businesses. He speaks with local business owner Robert Worthy, who has operated a cleaning business since 1962, about the need for sanitization due to the pandemic. During the third part, Masters discusses current food distribution efforts in the community and speaks with a volunteer.

During the final segment, Clarence Bannister discusses the extensive community service efforts of his mother, Evelyn Bannister. He also reviews his organization, the “Circle of Men.” They teach martial arts and etiquette, and include the family in the process. The organization is seeking donations to construct a new building.

Charities and Virtual Fundraising Events with Trustbridge Hospice Foundation

Charities and Virtual Fundraising Events – Guest Valarie Vitale, Trustbridge Hospice Foundation
Many nonprofits rely on galas, auctions, and other fundraising events to bring in a large portion of their annual budget. In-person gatherings have been cancelled or postponed amid the pandemic. How are South Florida charities taking planned in-person events online and engaging supporters during social distancing.

Advance Care Directives with Trustbridge

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many estate planning issues to the forefront. One of the most overlooked is now one of the most sought after; the advance care directive or living will. Find out how you and plan for the care that you want to have if you are unable to make that decision for yourself when the time comes.

The Role of Music in Reducing Stress

The Role of Music in Reducing Stress – Guest: Michelle Miller Music Therapist
Listening to music can help relieve stress and anxiety. It may also improve mood and help with one’s overall well-being. Listening to music can help facilitate relaxation. A study by Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International showed that music can help reduce anxiety and stress levels by up to 65%.


Bishop Masters provides an update on the Palm Beach Clergy Alliance. He says the House has passed a bill on police reform. The Alliance endorses and supports that proposed legislation. They want an immediate end to choke holds and strangle holds. In addition, a request is being made for all local municipalities to adopt body cameras that are automatically activated in emergency situations.

On another level, the Clergy Alliance is seeking to implement a police civil review board, to hold officers accountable to their communities. Psychological and sensitivity training could also be offered to future officers. Bishop Masters supports community policing, based on its successful implementation in other states and cities. That includes the possibility of a “PAL” program to mentor and develop youth. In continuing, Bishop Masters says it is important to have a hiring process focused on diversity on the police force.

Blackout Day took place on July 7. The goal was to support local businesses that encourage diversity and equal opportunity. Lastly, Bishop Masters speaks with local winning write-in candidate Rita Powell about her history of serving the public. She believes that “Black Lives Matter” is a strong movement, and there is a need for someone to represent the cause.