Ran That Prank

Nephew Tommy’s Prank Phone Calls

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I Left My Ring

Do surgeons leave anything behind in the operating room? Apparently, this one did!

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Is That Your Husband

How does a man tell a woman that his wife is kissing her husband?

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Draws At The Retirement Home

Is the senior Don Juan runnin’ wild in the retirement home?

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My Mama Tree

Nephew Tommy is accusing someone of taking down his mother’s maple tree while driving down his street.

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You're In My House

Somebody did not get the memo. There is a new owner in town! Not sorry!!!

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Introducing: The Ron Burgundy Podcast Season 5

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Mr. Reggie

Mr. Reggie not only was yo mama’s boyfriend, but he is also the reason you got college tuition.

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Baby Chick

Is it possible for a baby chick to live in a dozen eggs or nah?

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You put the wrong information on my family member’s tombstone. Fix it or else!

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Limo Bank Job

This is Uncle Steve’s favorite and it’s all about mentoring. The limo driver is multi-faceted.

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