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Planetarium’s ‘Beyoncé Experience’ Did Not ‘Put a Ring on It’

Planetarium’s ‘Beyoncé Experience’ Did Not ‘Put a Ring on It’ A Boston museum claiming to, ​​“redefine nightlife in Boston” with its Beyonce-themed planetarium night was as sour as the lemonade Queen B served up to JAY-Z back in 2016. The Tufts student newspaper slammed Charles Hayden Planetarium for its computer light show that attempted to align itself with the greatness of Beyoncé but fell terribly short.  “At times, the lights would become simply nauseating, and for the most part, the show oscillated between doing nothing at all and doing way too much,” the Tufts review of the show said.  Fans who instead of watching the lackluster show, chose to sing and dance to Beyoncé hits were chastised for being “rowdy,” not sure what they expected while playing Beyoncé, but between “reused projections,” “creepily close scuba divers.” and “computer-generated candles,” it’s safe to say Beyonce would’ve taken the bat she used in “Sorry” to the projector.   What is the worst performance or show you’ve ever seen?