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PJ Morton announces his black entertainment trivia show, 'The Culture'

Courtesy of PJ Morton

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter PJ Morton is preparing to launch his own trivia game show next month, called The Culture. 

The YouTube series expands his successful R&B trivia game with Essence, in which he teamed up with a few of his celebrity friends, including Ro JamesLedisiBridget Kelly and more, to test each other’s R&B knowledge. 

He tells ABC Audio he started the show at the beginning of the quarantine when everybody went into panic mode for content.

As an artist, I think it was wearing us out,” he tells ABC Audio. “People were saying, ‘Can you do this [Instagram] Live? Can you do this concert? Can you do this interview?'”

He added, “So I think from both sides, for me as a creator, it was something fresh for me to do.

That fresh idea has now turned into The Culture, his own trivia game show about black entertainment and culture, dating as far back as the 1960s. 

“It’s going to expand from just being artists. It’s going to expand from just being R&B,” PJ tells ABC Audio. “We’re definitely gonna focus on the culture, on black culture, black film, black TV, black music, and as well as black artists.”

“We’re going to present it on a different platform that’s a little more reachable and we’ve got to try to get it to more people,” he adds.

As far as special guests, PJ says to expect a few surprises on each week’s episode.

“Well, it wouldn’t be surprise [then], but yes, I think there will be some curveballs that people won’t be expecting to see playing trivia,” he says. 

PJ Morton’s The Culture trivia show airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST, beginning June 3, on his YouTube page

By Rachel George
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