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Phillip Bailey says he's working on new music for Earth, Wind & Fire

Jabari Jacobs

Phillip Bailey, lead singer of the legendary funk and R&B group Earth, Wind & Fire, says it feels “weird” that the he and his band mates haven’t physically been together due to COVID-19 social distancing rules. Instead, he looks forward to the group’s weekly Saturdaze virtual dance party with fans, where they can at least interact with one another.

“Thank goodness for social networking and the ability to actually see each other and just talk to each other…it’s the best we could do right now,” Bailey tells ABC Audio.

But he notes that the group’s inability to be “together physically” in no way hinders their ability to work on new music. 

“I actually am working on some stuff this weekend with a small writing group…writing party,” he reveals. “We all got tested and [with] social distancing and so forth, we’re going to start doing some writing for the future. The material may be for the Fire.”

Bailey says keeping those creative juices flowing is more important than ever during this time.

“It’s the best time to just stay creative and, as we say, ‘woodshed’ — y’know, get back to practicing and writing songs and so forth, being creative,” he tells ABC Audio.

By Rachel George
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