“PCR COVID-19 Testing” Now Available At “Palm Beach International Airport”!

Delta Airlines

For travelers planning to fly to a location where a negative PCR test is required, the Palm Beach International Airport has partnered with a company to provide Molecular PCR COVID-19 tests to those flying out of West Palm Beach.

Helix Virtual Medicine will administer the tests beginning today at their clinic located on the second level of the terminal near Concourse C.

The clinic will provide passengers with test results needed for new pandemic-related travel requirements.

“Our partnership with PBI provides travelers with flexibility to get convenient COVID testing, as well as minor medical attention, just minutes after they exit the plane,” said Chad Sanders, COO of Helix Virtual Medicine. “Travelers can preregister through our online patient registration portal via any Wi-Fi connection or mobile network. This means passengers can register prior to departure, or even during their flight from any WiFi-enabled aircraft.”

Passengers with proof of travel can take a PCR test for $125.

Tests are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and on Sunday and can be taken in the days leading up to traveling or after you disembark from a plane.

Helix Virtual Medicine says travelers should plan ahead to make sure they obtain the right test for their needs and allow adequate time for processing the results, usually 3 days before travel to destinations where a negative PCR test result is necessary.

Appointments can be scheduled at https://helixvm.com/.