Palm Beach County waits to move to phase two

Palm Beach County residents will have to wait at least one more week before they learn if county commissioners will ask the governor to move ahead to phase two of reopening.

The county administrator will gather additional information and make a recommendation next week

Commissioner Hal Valeche said he doesn’t think they’re gaining anything by waiting.

“The disease isn’t going to get any better by putting this off two weeks it’s going to be exactly the same result when we open in two weeks as if we were to open tomorrow,” Valeche said.

Mayor Dave Kerner wants to make sure they do this right.

“However I will remind you Commissioner Valeche given what seems to be the direction of the board,” Kerner said. “You will have an opportunity again on Sept. 1 with new data, with new another week of metrics, to advocate that point as will the community.

Some of the residents, like Angelique Contreras , who attended the meeting were upset.

“I’m here to demand them to open up to phase two, and even phase three, because our metrics for about a month now have been below that 10% positivity rate,” Contreras said. “And the discussion hasn’t been had by our county commissioners.”