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“Palm Beach County Schools” Continue “Food Distribution” For Summer!

If you need help putting food on the table for your kids during the summer months, the School District of Palm Beach County is here to help. The district has given out more than two million meals since the COVID-19 pandemic began and students were out of the classroom. Now that it is officially summer break, those efforts won’t stop.

Food distribution will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 52 school locations throughout the summer. Distribution is from 9 a.m. to noon. Each day, parents and guardians who pick up food will receive a free kit with three days’ worth of meals for each child. The meals are for anyone 18-years-old and younger or 22-years-old and younger for ESE students, regardless of financial need.

Feeding South Florida will also be distributing food for families at several schools Tuesday.

Social distancing measures will be followed at all distribution sites. Those driving to one of the feeding sites are asked to open the trunk of their car or leave a seat open where staff can place the food. People walking up to a site should remember to maintain a distance of at least six feet.

If your child is not with you when you pick up the food, parents needs to provide confirmation of the number of children for whom they are picking up meals, by one of the following methods: student ID, student passport, student library card, student birth certificate, or a photo of the adult with the students for whom they are picking up meals.

The parent will show the identification to staff providing the meals, and meals will be provided for the number of children identified. Meals are not allowed to be picked up in bulk for multiple families. The parent or guardian must be present to receive the meals.

Meals provided may vary by location and may contain allergens. Adults picking up the food are asked to be vigilant and ensure they do not take food if allergies may be a concern. Food should be refrigerated or discarded if not consumed upon receipt.