Palm Beach County offers mortgage assistance to those impacted by COVID-19


The Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability will offer applications for mortgage assistance starting on Friday, May 7 through Monday, June 7.

This program will provide emergency financial assistance to homeowners who were financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and are delinquent in their first mortgage and escrow payments (PITI). Additionally, providing the homeowner is delinquent, funding may assist with second mortgages, late fees, condominium, and homeowners’ association payments, special assessments, and other mortgage-associated costs related to COVID-19.

Up to six months of assistance, not exceeding $10,000, will be provided to income-eligible households who are at least one month delinquent (after February 29, 2020) in their home mortgage, escrow payments (PITI), and/or condominium and homeowners’ association payments.

All requests for assistance will be reviewed based on approved criteria. To qualify, all homeowners must demonstrate that the costs are directly tied to COVID-19.

Additional criteria include but are not limited to income eligibility, the residence must be owner-occupied, not under contract or listed for sale within the past 60 days, the property must be in Palm Beach County, and the assessed value cannot exceed $331,888.

Applications must be submitted online and will be processed on a first-come, first-eligible basis.

You can access the applications on the department’s website.