“Palm Beach County” Expected To Sign Executive Order To “Re-Open Playgrounds”!


An executive order is expected Thursday that would allow caution tape and barriers on playgrounds in Palm Beach County to come down. This comes after an announcement from county administrator Verdenia Baker during this week’s county commission meeting.

For months, parents have pleaded to the county commission to re-open playgrounds, especially over the summer months, to give their kids something to do. Playgrounds in the county have been roped off for about six months to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Tuesday, Baker announced an executive order was in the works to formally re-open playgrounds in the county with the expectation it would take effect Thursday.

“We want to give cities the heads up that we are opening our playgrounds along with some other activities in our parks,” Baker told the commissioners. “That is an EO [executive order] that we will be completing.”