“Palm Beach County” COVID Compliance Task Force Prepares For “Phase 2”!


The Palm Beach County COVID Education Compliance Team, CECT, is preparing for Phase 2 of reopening.

In late June, county leaders the creation of the COVID Education Compliance Team, CECT, to educate businesses about COVID-19 best practices, as well as, state and local enforcement orders.

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The team will do random spot checks to ensure businesses are practicing social distancing and noting when masks are not being worn, while also following up on tips from the public about possible violations.

“The emphasis of the COVID Education Compliance Team will be education first,” said Mayor Dave Kerner. “However, there are some bad actors out there. So there will be an enforcement aspect.”

To date, the task force has received more than 6,000 tips.

Since it was launched, CECT has inspected nearly 2,500 businesses, closed 27 businesses, and issued 61 violations according to the Palm Beach County Code Enforcement Director. The 61 businesses, issued violations, are scheduled to appear for a Magistrate Hearing next week.

As the county enters Phase 2 next week, more businesses will reopen.

According to county leaders, “they will continue to monitor to educate and provide the guidelines for compliance, and in those instances that there are egregious violations, they will escalate and take more aggressive action to include business closure, issues notice ofvViolations and institute fines (at Magistrate Hearings). That’s not our preference but willing to take that route if necessary.”