“Pahokee City” Manager Used City “Credit Card” For Personal Expenses!

Credit cards

The city manager of Pahokee must repay the city more than $5,000 after an investigation found he used a city credit card for personal expenses.

The Office of Inspector General found Chandler Williamson made inappropriate purchases with a city credit card between June 2015 and May 2019.

According to the report, the inappropriate expenses totaled $5,840.92.

The report said Williamson used the card 21 times on rental cars; to book 16 flights; and to help cover expenses on four trips to Columbia, South Carolina, for his alumni homecoming weekends at Benedict College. He also used it during a trip to Las Vegas for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

The OIG report stated the expenses were not related to official city business and “lacked required travel request forms or supporting documentation;” that Williamson did not use “the most economic means of transportation;” and that some expenses “lacked receipts;” and some of the purchases were for “unallowable expenses.”

Investigators also made note of $15,941.08 worth of questionable charges without sufficient documentation.

Last year, the OIG found Williamson violated policy for unauthorized bonuses and days off.