Officer Serving Warrant ‘Shoots & Kills’ Black Dad, Andrew Brown Jr As He Drove Away

Sadly, we have more exhausting news. A Black man in Elizabeth City, North Carolina named Andrew Brown was fatally gunned down by police officers who were attempting to serve him a search warrant according to WAVY. The community is angry and awaiting the release of the transparency that the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office promised. Based on what is known at this time, Brown got into his car and drove away as officers attempted to serve him. Neighbors and witnesses say one of the cops fired six to eight shots at the non-threatening man. Brown did not carry a firearm and there are no reports that a weapon of any kind was recovered at the scene. He was 40-years-old and a father of ten children.

Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten II held a press conference where he did indicate that although he had not personally watched it, the officers’ body camera had captured the entire shooting and he plans to release the footage. Unfortunately, he did not say when. The people of Elizabeth City ain’t trying to hear that.

“The sheriff’s office trusts the ability of our North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations and we will be transparent and we will take the proper actions based on the findings of that investigation,” Wooten said.

The people took to the streets immediately.