No charges filed against deputies in fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

1:36 PM PT (May 18,2021)  — Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten Jr. just announced that the 3 deputies directly involved in Andrew Brown Jr.’s death are going to keep their jobs … but will be disciplined and retrained, despite not being charged criminally.

Wooten said 2 of the deputies involved didn’t turn on their body cameras that day, and the team failed to have EMS on standby … which he says probably wouldn’t have saved Brown, but still needed to be done per policy.

The Sheriff also said more training is in store for the deputies, as well as the rest of the guys on the SOAT (Special Operations and Tactics Team), because he wants to make sure they’re implementing “best practices” … and repeatedly referenced being able to “do better” in these types of situations.

He stopped short of saying his boys did a piss-poor job, but if you read between the lines — that seems to be what he’s getting at, which potentially opens the Sheriff’s Office and the County to a civil lawsuit from the Brown family.

10:47 AM PT — One of the attorney’s for Brown’s family, Harry Daniels, says deadly force was NOT justified because Andrew wasn’t using his car as a weapon, despite what the D.A. feels.

Daniels joined us on “TMZ Live” Tuesday and said the officers who shot at Andrew weren’t the ones who had to jump out of the way of his car … and Daniels claims cops violated department policy by shooting at Brown as he drove away.

He says Andrew posed no threat to the police when the bullets started flying.

The Andrew Brown Jr. police shooting video has just been released to the public … and the D.A. said no charges would be filed against the officers.

In the police body camera footage, released Tuesday, you see a bunch of cops armed to the teeth … rolling up to Andrew’s home as he sits in his BMW in the driveway.

Video shows the cops hopping out of their truck and pointing weapons at Andrew’s car as they surround it, telling him to stop the car and swearing at him. Footage shows him driving off as the police unleash a barrage of bullets.

Next, you see Andrew’s driving away over a lawn and then crashing into a tree. The police then run over to the vehicle, surrounding it and pointing their guns as they bark at him to show his hands.

Brown’s family walked the media through the video last week, saying a cop fired one shot and Brown began to back up, fearing for his life. They said he never made a menacing move toward the cops and called it an unjustified killing.

The video you’re watching was shown at a news conference held by the D.A., Andrew Womble. He said no charges would be filed because he views the shooting as “justified.” Womble said there was an apparent risk to the officers’ lives and that justified the use of deadly force.

And this is interesting … the D.A. mentioned in the news conference the Coroner found meth in Brown’s mouth.  Fact is … it’s irrelevant, because the police didn’t know that when they fired at him so what they did stands on its own. It does, however, seem the D.A. mentioned it to “dirty up” Brown.