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Nicki Minaj Gets Marriage License In LA!

Nicki Minaj may be feelin’ herself all the way to the altar after she and her childhood boyfriend have already nabbed a marriage license, sparking even more rumors of a wedding, and VERY soon.

What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and if you listen closely, you could hear the faint sound of wedding bells in the form of booty claps. Too far? Regardless, Nicki Minaj and childhood boyfriend Kenneth Petty are taking things to the next level as many sources have revealed that the two picked up their marriage license in Los Angeles!

News of the license is allegedly super hush-hush although it’s clearly not anymore because I’m standing here projecting it to the world. The sources revealed that the two love birds made a trip down to the Beverly Hills Courthouse yesterday where witnesses say they saw the two at the marriage license window picking up the perma-paperwork.

And in case you need ALL the dirty deets, they were at the window attempting to keep a low profile at the window that read, “marriage licenses and ceremony appts. ONLY” and Kenneth paid for the license before they left. BUT what’s interesting is that back in June, Nicki revealed on her “Queen Radio” show that she and Kenneth had already gotten their marriage license… so… it’s clearly not hush-hush?!

Although there’s no word on when the two will officially tie the knot, a marriage license is only good for a maximum of 90 days, so maybe they waited too long the first time AND IT’S GONNA HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 3 MONTHS GUYS.

The two also went through a bit of backlash when Nicki was forced to come to her man’s defense. The two started dating last year after rekindling their teenage puppy love romance, and clearly fans did not approve. They slammed her saying Kenneth wasn’t good enough for her, and boy did she rip into them.

During last week’s episode of her Apple Beats 1 Queen Radio show, a completely baffled Nicki asked fans what don’t they understand about someone who loved a person before they had a dime in their pocket. She also reportedly added that she wants ‘you hoes to wake up’ and realize, “It’s the truth, money cannot buy me happiness and good sex.”

Well call her soccer mom and load up the minivan, y’all — Barbz is growing up fast before our very eyes, and I may or may not have just shed a tear or two of joy… So on that note, I’m gonna turn it over to you guys. What are your thoughts on Nicki’s not-so-secret marriage license? And do you have any thoughts on when we may be seeing her walk down the aisle? Get the conversation going down in the comments.

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