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Nicki Minaj co-signs “Whole Lotta Money” rapper BIA

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Nicki Minaj gave rising artist BIA the ultimate co-sign during her Instagram Live session Thursday night, which Nicki referred to as an “impromptu” episode of her Queen Radio podcast.

The two went back and forth, playing games and expressing their gratitude for each other as female rappers in the music industry. Nicki explained she met BIA after attempting to celebrate the latter’s viral record, “Whole Lotta Money,” in a DM. She then realized the Boston rapper had been reaching out to her for years. 

“I open the DMs, and I see that the girl had been DMing me for three years!” Nicki explained, noting BIA’s intentional emphasis on each lyric in the song. “It wasn’t just about a dope chorus and a beat. I don’t feel that a lot. I used to feel that, and that used to be my inspiration for wanting to rap.”

Their bond over DMs led to Nicki making a raunchy guest appearance on the “Whole Lotta Money” remix. After its midnight release, BIA ran to Twitter to thank Nicki for hopping on the record.

“I love you, @NICKIMINAJ. I know you didn’t have to, and you did, and you will always have my heart for that,” BIA tweeted. “Nothing will ever change that. Thank you.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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