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New R. Kelly album released, later removed from streaming services

Scott Olson/Getty Images

A new R. Kelly album appeared on streaming services Friday, but was removed shortly after its release, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project, titled I Admit It, included songs that date back to 2018. It’s gone viral for the title track, in which he seemingly comes cleans about his sexcapades, blames the parents of his alleged victims and questions why people say he doesn’t respect women.

It’s unclear who dropped the album, which was temporarily available on Spotify and Apple Music. Legacy Recordings, the Sony label listed on the digital platforms for the album, had no comment for The Hollywood Reporter or the New York Post, while a Sony Music insider claims the project that dropped was a bootleg version.

R. Kelly is currently behind bars at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center on federal sex crimes. He’s serving a 30-year sentence after a New York court convicted him of racketeering and sex trafficking. He was also convicted of child pornography charges in Chicago.

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