New coronavirus strain in UK: How worried should we be?

Several European countries have introduced travel restrictions on people coming from the UK as a new variation of coronavirus spreads rapidly there. Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and Italy have all announced restrictions, including bans on flights and trains from the UK. France and Germany are said to be considering similar action. This comes after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced tougher measures to combat the new virus strain. Officials say while the new mutation is much more easily transmitted, it’s not thought to be any more dangerous. Concern about the new strain has led British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reverse plans to ease coronavirus restrictions over the Christmas period. He has imposed an effective lockdown on London and southeast England. The move has made the capital – usually bustling with shoppers at this time of year – almost unrecognizable. Millions of people have been forced to cancel their Christmas plans under the new restrictions. The Prime Minister is facing widespread criticism for the decision. However Britain’s health secretary says the government had to take quick action.