Steve Harvey

New “Bodycam Video” Raises Questions Over Police Conduct In “Breonna Taylor” Case!

Body cam footage has finally been released detailing the events after the March 13 shooting that occured within the home of Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor. According to CBS, more than 250 videos and over 4,000 pages of documents were released as the outcry for transparency and justice continues in this case.

In one of the videos, Walker can be heard answering an officer demanding to know who else is in the apartment.

“Nobody, my girlfriend’s dead,” he replied outside of their home.

Another video shows Walker extremely upset and telling police about them breaking into the apartment saying, “We didn’t know who it was.” An officer tells Walker they announced themselves three times. This is at the crux of what the police continue to purport in contrast to what Walker and other neighbors have said.

Once in the apartment, an officer can be heard saying, “We have to be mindful of what we say, we are on camera now.” The video shows bloodstains and bullet holes on the walls. Breonna Taylor’s unresponsive body is on the floor but it is blurred in the video.

A phone recording was also released that includes Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jarmarcus Glover on the day of the shooting telling the mother of his child about Taylor, “Me and Bre ain’t been around each other in over two months, damn near two months.” Glover was arrested that night prior to the raid on Taylor’s home, which nullifies the need for the raid in the first place. The police raid found no drugs at Taylor’s apartment and she was not the target of the investigation.

On Sept. 23, the grand jury returned three counts of “wanton endangerment” in the first degree against former officer Brett Hankinson for firing into another apartment. A $15,000 cash bond was also attached to the charges. The other two officers, Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove, were not charged and remain on the force. Hankinson was fired in July.

After midnight on March 13, Hankison, Cosgrove and Mattingly executed a botched “no-knock” warrant at Taylor’s apartment which she shared with Walker. Believing they were intruders, Walker fired his weapon and gunfire from the officers ensued. The 26-year old Taylor was struck six times and died. Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron claimed the warrant was not a no-knock and the police announced themselves prior to entering the apartment.

Breonna Taylor’s family is demanding that Daniel Cameron recuse himself from the case and is now requesting a special prosecutor. Cameron is opposing the gag order from the grand jurors being lifted after two members sought legal assistance to allow them to go public.