Naysimone’s Pouring The Juice – Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Alleges He’s Financially Abandoned Three Kids,

After putting comedian Gary Owen on blast for allegedly dirty doggin’ a few weeks ago, estranged wife Kenya Duke has filed a request for $44,000 a month from the star in spousal support, noting that he’s been avoiding her texts about paying the bills while she raises their three kids.

PEOPLE reports that Duke, who initially filed for divorce in March and is now claiming that Owen has since stopped supporting her and their three children, Emilio (21), Austin (15), and Kennedy (14). The flustered wife says her husband has not answered her texts regarding their finances. She’s since filed a formal

Duke reportedly writes in the document:

“The fact that he does not respond to those texts leaves me feeling extremely scared and anxious. I further request that Gary contribute to my attorney’s fees in the amount of $50,000 as I have no income or access to funds to pay my attorney beyond what I have already paid via credit card for which I have yet to pay off.”

Continuing, Kenya notes that she stopped working over two decades ago in support of Gary’s career.

“While I was hoping to come to an amicable agreement with my husband … he has unfortunately left me with no choice but to file this RFO for Support. Gary and I have been married for over seventeen years. Twenty-three years ago, I left my promising career as an account manager to solely support Gary and his career.”

The 46-year-old homemaker goes on to explain that Owen, 46, has “always financially supported” her and the children, but that she handled paying the bills.

“Gary made monthly deposits in the sum of $44,000 that I would use to pay for all our bills, credit cards‚ and personal spending for myself and the kids.

Gary has been the sole provider for the last twenty-three plus years and continues to make a substantial amount of money (even during Covid)‚ and there is no reason why he should not continue to provide support as he has throughout our marriage.”

In the court document, she further notes that she has had to borrow $20,000 from a family friend to pay off the family’s American Express credit card bill, as well as some additional bills which she found humiliating.

“I humbly ask the Court to order Gary to provide me with Support in the monthly amount of $44,000 as that has been the status quo for the last four (4) years.

I will continue to pay our monthly bills until a permanent arrangement can be made between us. I find it humiliating and hurtful to have to text Gary twice a month to ask for money.”

request with courts asking for emergency support.

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