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Naughty By Nature Celebrates 30 Years In The Rap Game

The Legendary Hip-Hop, grammy award winning group Naughty By Nature are set to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of their self-titled album released in 1991. Few bands in music can boast about an almost 30 year career that has been both consistent and history making. Naughty By Nature, initially called New Style, began performing at talent shows and were discovered by fellow New Jersey native and then emerging Hip-Hop artist, Queen Latifah.

When asked about the 30 year anniversary all three members expressed the gratitude for their years of success. Leader Treach said “Following a dream can lead you from fantasy to reality, a love for a culture can start as just a love for musical poetry, human drum tracks, and DJ scratches mixes, and samples and end up as lifelong careers filled with fame, fortune, and fullfillness; Independent leaders scuffin those knees and ghetto bastards yokin jokers graduated to O.P.P Dons celebrating hip hop wit hoorays and being dubbed the anthem kings.

Here’s a look back at how they got started…..