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Mulatto teases new music under new stage name, Latto


It looks like rapper Mulatto has officially changed her stage name to Latto.

On Monday, the Atlanta native took to Instagram to share the artwork for what appears to be a new single or project, titled “The Biggest,” dropping Friday.

The photo has “Latto” written across the top with an A that resembles the script used for the Atlanta Braves baseball team logo. 

The Queen of da Souf has changed her name to Latto on her Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube pages. However, Mulatto is still being used for her social media handles. 

Criticism of Mulatto’s name was first brought up during her 2016 debut as Miss Mulatto on the competition series The Rap Game, where she revealed she was bullied in school for being mixed race. She considered changing her stage name last year after facing backlash over the term’s history, especially its widespread use in the U.S. South during the era of slavery.

Fans applauded Latto’s name change on Twitter, while others felt it was unnecessary.  “This my sis 3rd name change…I met her as Miss Mulatto,” tweeted one fan, while another said, “It still stands for Mulatto though, so I don’t see the point in the name change.”  Some fans also said the name change was a “great move and could gain the 22-year-old “commercial success and a new fan base.


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