More Money Available For Families Needing “Food Assistance”!

Palm Beach County commissioners announced Tuesday they have approved an additional $500 for families approved for assistance through CARES Act food applications.

Under the act, Palm Beach County issued pre-paid debit cards to approved residents to purchase food for households impacted by the pandemic.

Now, the county is increasing the funds based on the size of the household.

  • One to two household members: $900
  • Three to four household members: $1,300
  • Five or more household members: $1,500

County officials said residents who have pre-paid card balances of $100 and higher will automatically have their cars reloaded with the additional $500. New cards will not be issued.

Those who have card balances at or below $100 will receive new cards in the mail.

Pre-paid debit cards approved on and after Dec. 21 will include the $500 additional benefit.

No action is needed from people who have already been approved for CARES Act food assistance.

Call (561) 355-4792 if you have questions about the program.