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Missy Elliott inspires young scientist to "[bring] my full self to the table every single time"

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for FYF

Missy Elliot has served as a source of inspiration not only for other female artists, but for women from all walks of life. 

On Monday, the Grammy-winning music visionary shared photo of a new Spotify ad featuring a statement from a young woman about Missy’s influence on her decision to become a scientist.

“WOW This made my heart smile & keeps me PUSHING forward when times get rough for me… It’s an AMAZING feeling to know that I can be INSPIRATION to someone A SCIENTIST to!” Missy tweeted, along with the fire and praise hands emoji.

Written by scientist and engineer Titi Shodiya, the ad reads: “One of the reasons why I love Missy Elliot is because she came into the rap game and was unapologetically herself. As a scientist, I think people look at me and they say, ‘Oh she should be dressing this way and that way if she wants to be respected.'”

The ad continues, “But I really like to bring my own personal flavor to do everything I do. So Missy is somebody I look up to in the music industry that has inspired my life as a scientist, bringing my full self to the table every single time.”

Titi Shodiya co-hosts the Dope Labs podcast with biologist Zakiya Whatley, where conversations about science and Black representation intersect. 

The ad is part of Spotify’s International Women’s Day campaign encouraging others to “listen to more women, no matter the month.”

By Rachel George
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