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Miller Lite Announces New “Beer-Infused Charcoal” Ahead Of Memorial Day!

With Memorial Day just a few days away, that means it’s almost officially cookout season, too. During the summer, many families gather to celebrate Father’s Day, graduations, Fourth of July, and more by grilling classic dishes like chicken, hotdogs, steak, and more. Charcoal grilling advocates will tell you that the right charcoal is key to bringing out the right flavors when barbecuing food because it infuses more flavor into the dish. In response to this concept, charcoal brands like Kingsford began offering charcoal briquets infused with flavors like cumin chili and garlic onion paprika.

Now, one of the top beer companies, Miller Lite, is jumping into the charcoal business with the release of their game-changing “Beercoal.” The beer-infused charcoal is made with real Miller Lite beer that’s reduced to concentrate and then used to coat the briquet. Once it’s burned, the Beercoal gives whatever you’re grilling a smoky beer flavor. And, in my opinion, that’s a pretty great flavor pairing.