Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Highlights: 2 legends showcased their skills over 8 rounds

When it was first announced that Tyson and Jones Jr. would get back in the ring to fight each other, it was undoubtedly the most 2020-thing ever. Immediately boxing fans and casual sports watchers could not believe this match that is clearly years too late was going down.

The match’s road was a bit shaky, with reports surfacing of Jones Jr. not being happy that the fight was moved from its original September 12 date to November 28. The one time considered best pound-for-pound boxer insisted that fight was still on regardless of any issues.

Once the big night arrived, all the action went down in an empty Staples Arena in Los Angeles, a sign of the times as the country grips with the COVID-19 pandemic. Before we got to the main event, viewers got to watch some entertaining undercards and performances from the likes of French Montana, YG, Wiz Khalifa, Saint JHN, and Snoop Dogg, who stole the night and we will get to that in a second.

The boxing event, which served as the inaugural moment for Tyson’s Legends Only boxing league, featured a double main event. Before Roy and Mike blew the dust off their boxing gear, 3x NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson made his professional boxing debut against problematic YouTube star, Jake Paul. Black Twitter was clearly behind Nate and was hoping for him to take care of business; instead, Robinson got put to sleep in an embarrassing showing. As expected, his performance, well lack thereof, turned him into a meme only rivaling when Manny Pacquiao was put to sleep.

After Twitter got all of their Nate Robinson jokes off, it was time for the fight everyone came to see. While both men are clearly mere shadows of their former selves, Tyson and Jones Jr. did look to be in good fighting shape for their respective ages. But father time caught up with them quickly as they were both gasping for air following the second and third round of their eight-round exhibition fight.

Jones Jr. did his best getting a shot in here and there, but Tyson was the aggressor for the entire fight who pounded away on Jones Jr. with some punishing body blows. The match didn’t have an official scorecard, but there were celebrity judges on hand who somehow concluded that the fight was a draw.


We didn’t have a winner in the ring, but we did have one for the entire night, and it was Snoop Dogg who’s boxing analysis made the match even better.