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Michelle Obama reveals how Barack Obama earned her family's approval

Obamas: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

When Barack Obama started dating Michelle Obama, née Robinson, she made it clear that he had to win her family’s approval and told the story of when she introduced her future husband to her parents.

On her fourth installment of her eponymous podcast, Michelle welcomed her big brother Craig Robinson to reminisce about the day Barack earned the family’s seal of approval.

When the day came for the future president to meet the Robinsons, Craig says Obama made an instant impression on their mother, revealing that when he stepped out of the car, “I remember the first thing Mom said, ‘Oooh, he’s tall, he’s kinda good lookin’.'” 

But Barack wasn’t being judged on his appearance.  It was his character that was being tested and the Becoming author had the perfect plan.

“In the way that we learned that you could check out the character of another dude was to take him on the court and play some basketball,” said Michelle, adding that she tasked Craig to square off against Barack.

Robinson, who served as head basketball coach for Brown and Orange State, admitted he wasn’t crazy about the idea because he didn’t want to make Barack look like a fool.

Still, he went through with his little sister’s request to see if Barack was the right man for her.

“We have this pickup game, and when you play pickup basketball, a lot is based on integrity. Because you have to call your own fouls, there are no referees,” he explained, adding that even the nicest guys will take advantage of making up their own calls in order to win.

“Barack wasn’t that guy,” Continued Robinson, saying Barack was humble on the court. “It spoke a lot to his authenticity.”

Michelle and Barack will celebrate their 28th anniversary on October 3. 

By Megan Stone
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