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Michael Jordan reels in blue marlin weighing 442 pounds during fishing tournament

Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Imagine reeling in a 400+ plus pound prize worthy fish. That’s what happened to Michael Jordan on Tuesday.

TMZ reports that the basketball legend reeled in a 442 pound blue marlin during the 62nd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.  The tournament, held in Morehead City, North Carolina, boasts a top prize of $3.4 million dollars.

Jordan was just 50-pounds shy from the heaviest fish reeled in that day, which tipped the scales at 494 pounds.

However, the Space Jam star, who is currently in fifth place, still has a shot of winning it all as the tourney runs through June 13.  MJ plans to hit the waters again in hopes of catching the biggest fish.

On top of that, Jordan’s participation has been great for raising awareness about the tournament, as people will wait along the docks for him to return from a day of fishing.

Turns out this isn’t the first fishing tourney the basketball legend joined.  TMZ reports that he previously competed in the White Marlin Open in 2019, in which he hoped to bag the $6 million dollar prize.

While he left that particular tournament empty handed, he’s off to a much better start this time around by reeling in a 440-plus pound blue marlin, which is a feat within itself — as any experienced fisher will tell you.  

The heaviest Blue Marlin on record was caught in 1970, which weighed a whopping 1,805 pounds, according to Marlin Magazine.

By Megan Stone
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