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Megan Thee Stallion shares what she’s been up to during her social media break

Emilio Coochie

Megan Thee Stallion returned to social media Monday to announce her new single, “Thot S***,” and share what she’s been doing since going on a social media hiatus back in April.

“Hotties, I missed yall,” she tweeted, before engaging in a brief Q+A with fans to share exactly what she’s been up to. 

“Getting my mind right, writing and working, Pardi,” she responded, poking fun at her relationship with her boyfriend, rapper Pardison Fontaine. 

Fans also asked about Megan’s “little dog family,” including her fur babies 4oe, Dos, 5ive and X (10). “All of them are so huge now! Except 40e,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, others wondered if Megan had been keeping up with her YouTube fitness series, Hottie Bootcamp.

“Now that I’m back in town I’m on it,” she tweeted with a laughing emoji. “I was out the country eating Good.”

Stay tuned for the Friday release of Megan Thee Stallion’s new single, “Thot S***,” which has fans already saying, “‘Hot Girl Summer’ has started.”

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