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Megan Thee Stallion says she's "working on something…so just be patient with me!"

Emilio Coochie

Earlier this week, Megan Thee Stallion continued her “Hot Girl Summer”  by making a return to the virtual stage with a performance at Visible’s Red Rocks Unpaused festival.

In a recent Vogue interview, the Houston hottie said she’s been “writing a lot” and staying focused on her music since the release of her “WAP” collaboration with Cardi B.

“No matter what, it’s always “Hot Girl Summer” for me, so I’m gonna continue working hard, doing whatever I can to stay connected with the hotties, and continue to stay positive and enjoy living in the present,” Megan said. “I promise I’m always working on something for y’all, so just be patient with me!”

Megan said she’s also been working on her creativity and spending time with her dogs, 4oe and Dos — all in between celebrating her second #1 single.

“The way ‘WAP’ has taken off has just been crazy, y’all,” Megan told Vogue. “Cardi and I knew it was a hit and we were so happy with the video and the track itself, but I don’t think we could’ve ever predicted that it’d be breaking records and provoking so many different reactions.”

She was proud the upbeat, sexy track was able to “bring something positive and fun into the mix that makes people just wanna dance, let loose, and enjoy themselves for a moment.”

Collaborating with Cardi was a highlight of Megan’s career in 2020, which she admits was a “wild year.” Along with debuting at #1 in the U.S., “WAP” racked up over 93 million streams in its first week and placed on music charts in the U.K. and Australia as well.

“I just couldn’t be more grateful for where I’m at right now,” added Megan.

By Rachel George
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